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Hair Extensions

Hot Fusion

Hot Fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions. The bond is made of pure keratin so there is no sticky glue or adhesive and can easily be removed with a solution made to break down the keratin.

Hot Fusion Specifics:

Strands of extension hair are attached to your natural hair with a keratin bonding polymer.
Hot fusion hair extensions last anywhere from 2-6 months with proper care and maintenance
Hot fusion hair extensions take about 2-5 hours for application
You can style your hair up or down without seeing the bonds and also use heat to style.
Needs to be applied and removed by an extension specialist.
Hair is NOT reusable.


Microlink is another strand by strand hair extensions technique. Microlink creates a similar result to fusion hair extensions without the use of heat and glue. The strands are attached by an aluminum cylinder or “link” and are totally damage free when cared for properly. Micro Beads are lighter in weight, and much more durable than thin copper type microlinks, silicone lined links, or Micro Rings.

Microlink Specifics:

The microlink comes in various colors to match your hair color.
Hair extension piece is inserted into the link and then clamped shut to secure the hair.
Can last 3-5 months or longer with maintenance.
Microlink extensions take 2-5 hours for application
Must be applied by hair extension specialist.
Hair is reusable when cared for properly and links can be moved up the hair shaft.
You can style your hair up or down without seeing the bonds and also use heat to style.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-ins Extensions are very popular and an easy way to create instantly long glamorous hair. This method is fairly new to the extension market but it has become an instant favorite among clients. The tape-in hair extensions are 1.5 inch wefts applied at various areas of the head and are ideal for clients with fine hair.

Tape-in Specifics:

Handmade PU Wefts eliminate shedding, and are reusable
May be applied to crown area for clients with thinning hair
Each piece is 20 in. long, and may be cut shorter as desired
Each Strip is 1.5 in. wide and pre-taped for quick install
Easy Removal with nonabrasive removal solution
Reusable with Super Tape Replacement Tape Strips
Fast application time. Approximately 1 hour
Client may wear from 6-8 weeks before re-application

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions are an easy and popular way of adding instant length or thickness to your natural hair. Clip-in hair extensions are available in a range of different textures and colors. Straight clip-in extensions are the most popular variant but curly clip in extensions are also available on the market. You can opt for a full head for length and thickness, or just add a few for thickness where desired.

Clip-in Specifics:

Does not need to be applied by an extensionist.
Hair is reusable and can also be colored and styled using heat.
Contains 2x the amount of hair as other clip in brands.
Easy, affordable and less permanent.
Ideal for people who do not want their hair long on a daily basis.